Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

Kehidupan ini penuh dengan cobaan yang berat awalnya aku hampir menyerah dengan semua ini tapi aku sadar banyak orang yang butuh aku dan yang sangat penting aku tidak mau menyerah karena aku harus bisa ampun bahagiakan orang tua aku yang begitu sayang sama aku. Aku tidak boleh menyerah semangatku bisa melihat orang tuaku senyum dengan bahagia itu sudah cuma. Aku akan buktikan aku bisa jadi orang sukses. Amin

Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

material speech
definition communication throught talking or a talk given to an audience conueying a topic, an idea, arguments and or feelings and video recorded
1. memorization 
2. reading 
 speech preparation 
1. pick your message   

2. know or auditence
3. research your subject
4. use stories humor and metaphors
5. make a draft of your speech
6. prepare props in needes

delivering speech 
  eye contact

structure of a speech 
 opening, content of speech and closing
the manufacture of robots
 tassya : hello ratmi
ratmi : hello tassya
ratmi : what are you duing how here?
tassya : l'm bonny how, so l think l will make a robot who can speak three language like indonesia, mandaria and english
 ratmi : wow... it seems interest what the purpose ot the robot is ?
tassya   : the robot purpuse is people can find out furegn  language and can facilitate people in learninga fereign language
ratmi : hmm and then how much will in cost
tassya : the robot cost is 1 millian
ratmi : hmm dolt't not too expensive
tassya : no it was the right price
ratmi : okay..hm what the robot name ?
tassya : hmm...the robot name is jonathar? hm do you agree?
ratmi : l hat"s not a good name. lets call it johsan
tassya : wow that's a good name l like
ratmi : hihi....okay and them what the leadres
tassya : the feature is robot can speak three languages can folow the movenent at the human and can smilewoytee
ratmi : wow its amazing 


the text of speech about the dangers of drugs
assalamualaikum wr.wb
good morning for all of the audiences
first of all, let's thanks Allah the al mightry who has been giving us mercy and blesing so we can attend this meeting without any obstacles in this great occasion.
   ladies and gentlemen, l would like to deliver my speech in this morning, the addictive drug is akind of drug
which is often misused and cause many problems on one nerver. drug abuse can result in nerve damage, resulting in addiction and dependence, the use of drugs does not fit the current rules a lot going on in the community.when drug is used the effects will be retrieved by the user, first the drug is able to provide peace to the wearen and make them unconscious. when used in excess then the drug could result in dealt later the drug can also cause stimulation and passion toward the user.
   the ladies and gentlemen 
   drugs are not only used by the adults but its abuse was committed by teen years old. in indonesia we often see anawful lot of kinds who use drugs. of course the use of addictive substances provides a broad and thorough impact for them they will experience a change in behsvior, decreasing the quality of work potentially causing crime and getting the health disorders cause dealth
   parents we should prevent and drug abuse we can make a variety of programs and activities such as playing music, exercising. so what can we do as a young generation prevention is better than cure. avoid drugs because once you try it, you wil bestuck and then became addicted.
    let us do the above efforts consistently and give up. i am sure that we could eradicate drugs in indonesia
the speech from me. l thanks you

wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

Dear diary
On 10 May 2017 
Wednesday is a holiday but college math I can't even get up for lunch don't think there is no intention to college but during the lab work base chemical lab work rather exciting to have a pretty good they have the lab work done I want to go into the auditorium but heavy rain so I've been waiting for the rain had stopped to see something to west after the rain stopped me and my friend go to the expo of education in the auditorium but it's closed it sad, confused what to do the task of English.

On 11 May 2017 on Thursday finally during my college days without to college but still there are reports and journals to be done and a lot of the other, but not what day I can sleep a nap for this nap.

On 12 May 2017 on Friday I was busy doing the journal until the end of the happy night the journal, you know, finished and didn't sleep too late.

On 13 May 2017 on Saturday a day off but still went to college to the lab work the organic chemistry, no one to campus only chemistry just to the college's so campus after the end of the lab work me and my friend to the volley at iain until evening out that immediately went home tired body just get laid for a moment's right to sleep.

On 14 May 2017 the day of the week I woke up early after the end of the prepared me to my friend to go in with him, an activity which does not until the afternoon so after the end of the activities I come over and play my friend and I fell asleep at home.

On 15 May 2017 on Monday I don't have that event would be a day I'm home alone while working on reports and journals.

On 16 May 2017 on Tuesday I was selling in the campus to the search for funds of the anniversary of the chemicals in time sbmptn I sell the map, drinking water, cakes and sausage but pretty much a buy. I was home in the afternoon, the night I was working on a journal.

On 17 May 2017 on wednesday really happy because today the lab work the last basic chemicals I thank you with my group that has been working together for the lab work goes, it's hard to thin always equally in the lab work me and my friends eat meatballs delicious meatballs and it's a full stomach and night I ate more, my work, I eat the wonder I.

Thank you for reading my blog on dear diary.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017


Hello guys meet again blog me
Business l want at the time will come in open a cafe chemistry. The reason why l want to open cafe chemistry because l think chemistry indispensable to our life so in l thought if opened the cafe chemicals that can give the impression of different against the visitors. Jusy imagine if we messages drinking but glasses is not a glass of the ordinary but glasses shaped like erlenmeyer and the name of a drink chemical compound that according to the l could be interesting visitors in order to come to the cafe chenistry. cafe chemistry there is a special place to work on a report and journal because in cafe chemisrty there is a book   about chemicals that may help to find the material and there is a computer to look for materials in internet so not hung with a cell phone. Cafe chemistry the atmosphere is not like cafeterias which usually because the cafe chemistry visitors can see the simple innocuous so interest visitors not only just sit down but visitors can while learning and knowing chemistry was interesting to learn. Cafe chemistry will provide food name food from the elements of chemicals so visitors more curious to order food and try. Cafe chemistry will ornamental with chemical compound so that the visitors who come to feel that the cafe chemistry is different and can give the against the visitors who come. Cafe chemistry provide a camera and visitors can use the camera to selfi and the results of selfi paste the places that have devoted. Cafe chemistry there's music can entertain visitors who came hopefully business could happen. AMIN

Minggu, 30 April 2017


-  long beans
- know that has been fried
- chili
- garlic
- onion
- salt 1/4
- the oil

- cut the long beans short
- the onion and garlic opened and wans with water and sliced thin
- the chili cut oblique
- know cut small as a form of the box
- put the pan on the stove and turnon the stove but in not too big
- enter the oil to the skillet, wait for the oil is hot
- enter the chili, onion and garlic stir fry until fragrant
- enter know and saute
- enter beans closed briefly in order to remain green peas
- add a litter salt, stir until blender
- remove and serve in a plate
- saute beans mixed know ready served with rice warmer
- good luck